If you have ever dreamed of achieving financial independence, then it is time to start planning and saving. Here are 9 reasons that might convince you to make your own path in life.

Financial independence is a concept that many people are not familiar with. It is important to understand the benefits of financial freedom, and how it can help you achieve your goals. Read more in detail here: why financial freedom is important.

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Financial independence is certainly something you’ve heard a lot about. This site contains a lot of information regarding my journey to financial independence (FI). However, why would you desire to be financially self-sufficient? There are a variety of reasons why you would aspire to achieve financial independence. And, as you’ll see, retiring isn’t the most important factor.

The primary reasons why individuals wish to be financially independent are listed in this article. Of course, not everyone’s arguments will be the same, and some may appeal to you more than others. It’s all right. Not everyone is motivated to achieve FI for the same reasons. And not everyone wants to go to FI!

You could have some compelling arguments for achieving financial independence that I didn’t consider! If this is the case, please let me know in the comments! I’m curious as to why you wish to be financially self-sufficient.

1. Safety and security

When you achieve financial independence, you are protected against a variety of circumstances that may result in a major loss of income.

For example, if you lose your job, your business goes bankrupt, or you are unable to work, you should be able to maintain your lifestyle. All of these occurrences will have little impact on your money after you have achieved financial freedom. Of course, they may still be a major problem for you. However, if you are financially self-sufficient, you will be able to resist them without difficulty.

It also provides retirement security. Retirement in Switzerland is now not too horrible. However, who knows how things will be in 30 years? There may be no pension or assistance for retirees. You don’t have to be concerned if you are already financially self-sufficient!

I want to be prepared for these occurrences, therefore I’m already preparing. These incidents will still damage you if you are on the road to Financial Independence. You should, however, be able to resist them better than the majority of individuals. Another great benefit of FI is that it will help you improve your finances as you move toward financial independence.

People on the road to FI do, in fact, have better financial situations than the ordinary person. They have the ability to spend less while earning more. These improved financial circumstances will aid them in achieving their objectives more quickly and coping with financial difficulties more easily.

This, in my opinion, is the most compelling argument to pursue Financial Independence.

2. Family

It is important to spend time with your family. However, we often spend too much time at work or elsewhere rather than caring for our families and friends.

Financial independence allows us to spend more time with our families and build better bonds.

I hope I could spend more time with my children in the future and strengthen my bonds with my wife, children, family, and friends.

Of course, I’m not going to put it off any longer! It’s crucial not to use FI as an excuse to avoid spending quality time with loved ones. However, being financially independent allows you to devote more time to activities that are important to you.

3. Optional freedom

The majority of those who desire to retire early wish to do so.

I’m also considering retiring early. The ability to retire early, on the other hand, is more significant than retirement itself. It is critical to have the option to retire.

I’m still enjoying my work right now. I would be writing software for pleasure if I wasn’t producing software for my firm. But who knows whether that will be the case in ten or twenty years? Nobody!

Your business may undergo significant transformations. Your coworkers may change. Alternatively, your boss may change. You may like working with your existing coworkers and employer. But what if they’re replaced by someone you despise? These changes might have a significant impact on your career. You may not like your work as much as you do today after certain adjustments.

You, too, have the ability to change! Many individuals believe that they will continue to enjoy the same things in the future. However, this is not always the case. People go through a lot of changes throughout their lives.

As a result, having the option of retiring or doing something different is really essential to me. I could retire, establish a business, or do anything else after I gain financial independence. Many individuals gain financial independence but do not retire. Some individuals are continuing to work on secondary projects. And other individuals labor for a pittance performing charitable work. Even if you do not intend to retire, you may still seek FI.

4. You only have so much time.

Time is a basic truth as well. The amount of time available is really restricted.

Assume you have a total lifespan of 80 years. You don’t want to work for 65 years, and you want to be free for as many of them as possible. You may continue to work till the end of your life, but you may also retire or alter your habits. You might also reduce your working hours. When you are financially independent, you can do all of these things.

My work is enjoyable for me. But there are many other aspects of life that I like, and I’d rather have more time to do them than work five days a week until I’m 65. Part-time job might be a nice alternative for me if I were financially independent.

5. A problem to solve

One of the things I like about attempting to achieve Financial Independence is that it is a difficult task. Most individuals do not realize that they will be financially independent before they retire.

Early retirement is also a difficulty. Even if the ideas are simple, putting them into practice is far from simple. Before I learned about financial independence, I didn’t believe it was even feasible.

It is beneficial to have some difficulties in your life. It has a lot to teach you. You must master new skills, such as investing. I’ve read a lot of personal finance and investment books. In less than a year on the road to financial freedom, I’ve learnt a lot. But this is priceless information!

6. A fantastic adventure

The road to financial independence is not only difficult, but also fascinating.

I’d even say it’s a pleasurable voyage. A lot of math crunching is required on the path to FI. You must determine your net worth. You may also use the FI Ratio calculator to discover how far off the path you are. This is a lot of fun and really intriguing to me. I’m a big fan of numbers.

I also enjoy how I’ve been able to lower our costs over time! I used to spend a lot more since I didn’t value money the same way I do now. It’s been exciting to attempt to cut down on our costs now that I’m more conscious of my spending!

Investing is also a fascinating topic. It takes a lot of study to figure out where to put your money. You should also be aware of why you are investing in each of your assets. It’s pointless to invest in anything if you don’t understand why!

My journey to financial independence also inspired me to establish this blog. This blog is a fantastic adventure as well. Despite the fact that this is not my first blog, I have learnt a lot! And I have a lot of fun writing on my site.

7. A different route

Few individuals pursue financial independence and the goal of retiring early (or at least being able to).

It is satisfactory to me. It would be less enticing if everyone took the same path. Many pathways do not contain FI, which is a wonderful thing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be an entrepreneur and becoming wealthy.

So far, the majority of the routes I’ve traveled have been traditional. I attended a traditional school. I’ve completed a Ph.D. program. Finally, I’ve started working as a software programmer for a typical corporation. I’m delighted I can now take a different path by attempting to obtain FI. We’ll see how well I can handle it!

8. FI instills positive ideals in its students.

Finally, the road to financial freedom will instill in you certain basic and positive principles.

Frugality is the most important value in FI. It’s difficult to go to FI without being thrifty, at least to some extent. Some individuals are being very thrifty, while others are simply being somewhat frugal.

Because you’ll be investing on your journey to FI, you’ll most likely gain some wisdom along the way. Investing should be approached with caution and caution, with no hasty judgments. When it comes to investing, your emotions are your greatest enemy. You should also learn from your errors. For example, when I first began investing, I made a lot of blunders. Because I learnt from my errors, I am now wiser.

Another virtue you will most likely learn is the importance of good health. You must take care of your body if you want to live a long life and retire healthily. You should eat properly and avoid pushing your body (and mind) beyond its capabilities.

In our situation, we haven’t changed much yet, but we are eating more healthily than previously thanks to our vegetable garden. We also have a healthier diet than fast-food establishments since we prepare our cuisine most of the time. We even created a modest Health Plan in 2019 to help us stay healthy for longer.

9. Create riches for future generations

If you stick to a safe withdrawal rate approach, you’ll almost certainly end up with more money than you need. This money might subsequently be passed down to your family’s future generations.

The concept of establishing generational wealth appeals to a large number of individuals. It is not the primary motivation for me to strive for financial independence, but it is a great bonus. I’m not opposed to passing on some money to future generations.

This should not, however, be used as an excuse for the following generation not to work and depend only on this money. However, this might assist them in achieving financial independence in the future.

And, in a perfect world, the following generation would continue to pass on this generational wealth rather than just spending it. As a result, imparting financial awareness to the future generation is critical, and ideally, they will continue this trend.


There are several reasons to strive for financial independence, as you can see.

When you are financially independent, you will have a lot more freedom. And your life, as well as your family’s, will be a lot easier. Furthermore, it has the potential to teach you a great deal and to be a fascinating adventure. My life has already improved since I began my quest for financial independence.

Perhaps one or more of these reasons will pique your interest. But it’s possible they won’t. Not everyone wants to be financially independent for the same reasons. Some folks may not even want to get to FI. There’s no reason why the FIRE mentality should be adopted by everyone. There are plenty alternative options. It is entirely up to you to choose the one that best matches your needs.

Do not make the mistake of pursuing FI only because others have done it. If FIRE does not appeal to you, work toward your own objectives, not the ambitions of others!

Also, bear in mind that not everything about FIRE is perfect. The FIRE movement has a number of flaws.

There are various strategies to acquire Financial Independence if you want to be financially independent.

What motivates you to strive for financial independence?

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The author of thepoorswiss.com is The Poor Swiss. He recognized he was sliding into the lifestyle inflation trap in 2017. He made the decision to reduce his spending while increasing his income. This blog chronicles his journey and discoveries. In 2019, he plans to save more than half of his salary. He set a goal for himself to achieve financial independence. Here’s where you may send a message to Mr. The Poor Swiss.

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The “how to become financially independent as a student” is an article that discusses 9 reasons why it is important for students to aim for financial independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to be financial independent?

A: It is important to be financially independent because in the event of a job loss, it is possible that financial independence could help prevent some negative consequences such as poverty and homelessness.

What is the desire for financial independence?

A: The desire for financial independence is one’s personal or professional goal to free oneself from the constraints of needing a source of income.

What are the benefits of financial freedom?

A: There are a wide variety of benefits that come with financial freedom, but some include decreasing stress levels by giving you more time to spend with your family and friends, having the ability to control your own spending habits, being able to afford many things like vacations or hobbies without relying on credit cards.

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