MyPoints is a rewards program that allows you to earn cash back on your everyday purchases. It’s an easy way to earn money without having to spend any of it, and there are multiple ways to make money with this app.

The MyPoints Review 2021 is a review of MyPoints, which is a website that allows users to earn quick cash by completing various tasks. Read more in detail here: swagbucks.

We all have spare moments in our life that we invariably squander browsing through social media or watching YouTube videos. Rather of wasting that time, why not use it to earn some fast cash by doing easy online activities in your spare time?  

Do you like taking surveys to express your thoughts? Reading blogs and watching the newest videos? Do you like to shop on the internet? If you answered yes, MyPoints may be a good match for you. MyPoints is a rewards program that allows you to rapidly earn additional spending money by performing online activities that you’re probably already doing. 

If you find yourself reaching for your phone anytime you have a spare minute, use MyPoints to make some additional cash while doing so. 

What Are MyPoints and How Do I Use Them? 

MyPoints is a mobile app and website that enables you to earn points for online purchasing and other online activities such as reading emails, conducting surveys, and performing web searches. The points may then be exchanged for gift cards ranging from $3 to $500 from major retailers such as Amazon, PayPal, Target, and Starbucks. MyPoints has approximately 10 million users and has been in business since 1996. Over $235 million in gift cards and cash has been distributed to MyPoints users, making it one of the finest cash back applications available. 

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What Are MyPoints and How Do They Work? 

Signing up for a free account with MyPoints is a straightforward procedure. You’ll be redirected to your MyPoint dashboard after entering your email address and creating a password. MyPoints may be accessed through their website or the MyPoints mobile app.

You may explore the many methods to earn Points on your dashboard, which include buying, engaging in offers, utilizing discount codes, doing surveys, watching movies, playing games, browsing the internet, and responding to a daily poll. This is also where you’ll find MyPoints’ incentives for completing a certain number of daily activities to earn extra points, such as a daily To-Do List, Bingo card, or a seven-day challenge. 

Each job you choose will have a fixed amount of Points accessible to you upon completion, as well as any extra points that may be offered. In your MyPoints account, you’ll see a running tally of your Points. When you’re ready to redeem your points for gift cards or other incentives, click the “Redeem Points” button to see what’s available, which includes e-certificates and gift cards from a variety of companies. 

Over 1,900 merchants participate in MyPoints, including well-known names like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and Kohl’s. 

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Features of MyPoints 

You may earn Points in a variety of ways using the MyPoints app and website, which can be redeemed for gift cards. Shopping, doing surveys, viewing movies, playing games, reading emails, browsing the web, and performing other online activities are examples of these tasks. 


You may earn Points for your shopping transactions in a variety of ways via MyPoints, all of which can be found on the MyPoints website or app. We compared MyPoints to comparable sites to see how they measure up against the competition in terms of cash back possibilities. For this comparison, we’ve chosen a few prominent shops.

Receipts of Magic 

Receipts of Magic allow you to earn points for particular purchases made at partner retailers. To begin, go through the Magic Receipts offerings for bargains you like and add them to your MyPoints list. After you’ve purchased these goods from one of the participating shops, go to MyPoints and select “Submit Receipts” to submit your receipt. 

Many common purchases, such as food and personal care products, are available via Magic Receipts. Walmart, Target, Kroger, Costco, Rite Aid, and other retailers are among those taking part. 

This is one of the greatest methods to earn points fast on MyPoints since the offers are extremely versatile in terms of which brands you may buy and you get a lot of points for ordinary purchases. For example, one current promotion offers you 170 points for buying any brand of eggs, bread, or milk. The majority of the deals may only be used once each year. 

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Purchase Gift Cards 

You may use MyPoints to purchase gift cards from My Gift Cards Plus and earn Points for your purchases. Based on the specific gift card offers available via My Gift Cards Plus, you may earn up to 30% of the purchase amount in Points. Hundreds of prominent shops have deals, and the gift card you buy will be sent electronically within one to two business days. 

Find Discounts 

Under the category “Today’s Bargains,” fresh deals are offered every day. Travel discounts on hotels, flights, auto rentals, and holiday packages may all be found by searching by category. Electronics, health and wellness, housing, sports and leisure, and toys and hobbies are among the other offer categories. Each offer offers you the opportunity to earn more Points, which can be exchanged for gift cards.  

Discount Codes 

MyPoints collects working discount codes for major companies and then offers you extra Points when you use the MyPoints coupon code to make a purchase. The simplest method to utilize this function is to search on MyPoints for the brand you want to buy from, and then choose the best coupon code offer from the list that appears. 

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Participate in surveys 

You’ll be able to conduct further surveys on MyPoints for extra Points after completing an initial three-minute survey for which you’ll receive 10 points. You’ll get an estimate of how long each available survey will take to complete, as well as how many points you may earn. 

Completing a five- to ten-minute survey can get you 35 to 85 points on average, while longer polls may net you 400 to 600 points. Bonus points are sometimes offered, resulting in double points for completing questionnaires. On MyPoints, surveys are one of the greatest ways to earn a lot of points. Because many of the polls include initial qualification questions, you may not be eligible to complete every one you try.

We compared MyPoints to the competition to see how they compare in terms of earning potential, payment options, and minimum cash-out value.

View Videos

You’ll discover a selected collection of movies and articles under the Watch tab on MyPoints that you may explore to earn more points. To earn two to three Points, you’ll often need to watch many pages of material or videos. 

Play Video Games 

Playing GSN Games on MyPoints’ partner site, run by World Winner, is another way to earn Points. You can only earn Points if you have money in your GSN Games account. For every $1 you deposit, you will usually get four Points. GSN Games has its own point system, which is unrelated to MyPoints. 

Emails should be read 

BonusMail is one of MyPoints’ incentive programs, and reading a BonusMail earns you Points. When you shop or complete a transaction featured in a BonusMail, you may earn even more Points. By changing your email subscriptions under your MyPoints account and selecting the categories that interest you, you may tailor the kinds of emails you get. Simply clicking links in emails will usually get you five points.  

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Look up information on the internet. 

Another method to earn Points is to utilize MyPoints’ “Search and Earn” function to do a Yahoo-powered online search. Throughout the day, you’ll earn Points at random for your online searches. When you score points from your searches, they will be credited to your account. 

Program for Referrals 

Through MyPoints’ Refer-a-Friend online form, you may invite your friends and family to join MyPoints. You will earn 750 Points and your buddy will receive 1,750 Points if someone joins via your referral code and makes a merchant transaction of at least $20 within 30 days through the MyPoints website or emails. Amazon and MyPoints Games purchases are not included. 

BINGO with MyPoints! 

MyPoints Bingo! allows you to perform a series of tasks and be awarded with Points depending on how many of them you accomplish. There is an action item connected with each spot on your Bingo Board. The area will be marked as complete after you have completed the activity. Earn between 10 and 500 extra points for your board by arranging the tiles in a certain manner, such as a complete board, center row, or plus sign. 

To earn your extra point, you’ll only have a certain amount of time to finish your Bingo board. Visit particular websites via MyPoints, add goods to your shopping list, participate in daily polls, or redeem a point reward are some of the activities you may be prompted to do. 

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Daily Goal for MyPoints 

Your Daily Goal is a set of Points that you attempt to achieve or surpass each day in order to earn a Bonus. Completing MyPoints activities will give you points toward your Daily Goal. If you achieve your Daily Goal, you will get extra points. You may earn even more extra points by achieving your goal on several days in a row, with 10 points awarded for a five-day streak and up to 300 points awarded for accomplishing your Daily Goal every day in a month. Your Daily Goal will change every day, and you can see it in the Daily Goal box on MyPoints. 

Score on MyPoints! 

Score! is a browser extension that will notify you when you’re on a MyPoints partner merchant site, ensuring that you don’t miss out on your Points. It will also show discounts for some websites and apply them instantly at checkout. Score! is only accessible on desktops and laptops and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. To gain points for your purchase, just click the Activate button after the Score box has shown.

The Five of the Day 

Each day, you may earn Daily Five extra points by completing at least five things from the To-Do List for the day. Five extra points will be awarded if you accomplish five tasks, and another five bonus points will be awarded if you complete all nine tasks. You may choose from the following tasks:

  • Participate in the Daily Poll.
  • Magic Receipts
  • Score is now active!
  • Today’s Special Offer
  • Complete an activity involving watching.
  • Fill out a survey
  • Discover rewards you with points.
  • Take a survey. 
  • Obtain your Daily Objective

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Points for Redeeming 

You may exchange your Points for gift cards or online certificates from a variety of places, including online shops, restaurants, airlines, and hotels. You may filter your reward choices by gift cards or e-certificates on the MyPoints Rewards page, as well as sorting out just the prizes for which you presently qualify depending on your Points total. Once you’ve chosen on a prize, click the “Get Rewarded!” button to exchange your points for it. 

Rewards are available from a wide range of well-known companies, including Amazon, DoorDash, CVS, Home Depot, Starbucks, Walmart, and Target, and vary in value from $3 to $500. Popular travel companies such as Delta, American Airlines, United, and provide travel gift cards. You may also get 1,500 to 1,600 points by purchasing a prepaid Visa gift card or a PayPal cash deposit with a minimum value of $10. Because each Point has no set value, you’ll have to go through the reward choices to determine which one is the best deal for you. 

Pricing for MyPoints

MyPoints is a completely free service. The sole need to earn Points with MyPoints is to create an account, which can then be redeemed for gift cards from a range of companies. 

Customer Service at MyPoints 

The easiest method to contact the MyPoints customer service staff is via your MyPoints account’s Activity Ledger. Under the Visited Section, locate the particular activity for which you need assistance, and then click the help/contact us link right next to it. It will either link you to a relevant help article or to a support ticket. If you still need assistance, you can open a support request by clicking the Still Need Help option. 

Monday through Friday, except holidays, business hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time. However, response times are usually within 10 business days, with account-related inquiries taking up to 30 days. You may also message MyPoints on Facebook, where you should get a response within one business day. However, depending on the circumstances, you may be required to file a ticket.  

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MyPoints Protection 

Without your explicit permission, MyPoints does not disclose your personally identifying information with marketers. Your personal information will not be leased or sold to anybody. MyPoints, on the other hand, may transmit the information they collect about their users to third-party processors for analysis. Third-party data processors are not permitted to use the data for any purpose other than that which MyPoints has authorized. Overall, it seems fair to assume that MyPoints maintains the privacy of your personally identifiable information. 

Pros of MyPoints

  • The MyPoints rewards program is completely free to join. There is no fee to engage in MyPoints assignments, and there is no cost to earn Points or gift cards other than your time. 
  • The MyPoints mobile app is simple to use and has all of the same features as the MyPoints website. It’s simple to finish chores on the move throughout the day. 
  • There are many methods to gain points: On the MyPoints program, there are a variety of methods to earn points, including shopping and completing simple activities that may be done in small increments throughout the day. 
  • Gift cards from a variety of companies: Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, Target, travel brands, Visa pre-paid cards, and PayPal deposits are just a few of the gift cards available via MyPoints. 

Cons of MyPoints

  • Some activities have delayed points: For some actions, receiving points for completing the activity may take many days. If you are doing things for your Daily Goal and To-Do list, this may create a delay in the amount of points you get. 
  • Only accessible to residents of the United States and Canada: MyPoints is presently only available to residents of the United States and Canada, and not all gift cards are accepted in Canada.
  • Low points per action: While certain simple activities, such as completing surveys and shopping, may earn you more than 100 points each activity, the majority of activities are just worth a few points. Getting enough points to exchange for a gift card may take a long time. 
  • Slow customer service: Customer care responds to emails in 10 business days on average, but it may take up to 30 days in certain cases. If you have an urgent question, this may be a painfully long response time.

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Alternatives to MyPoints

Looking for a different way to earn points besides MyPoints? There are a few choices open to you. 


Swagbucks is a free service that may be accessed via a browser extension or an app. It rewards you with cash and gift cards for doing things like buying online and in stores, completing surveys, watching movies, giving to charity, surfing the web, and playing online games. To understand more, read our Swagbucks review in its entirety. 


InboxDollars is a cash rewards website that allows you to earn money by doing things like completing surveys, playing games, watching movies, reading emails, and browsing the internet. To understand more, read our entire InboxDollars review.

For Whom Is MyPoints the Most Appropriate?

MyPoints is the ideal option for someone who is prepared to put in some daily work to earn Points. As an excellent method to gain extra Points and build up your overall points total, you should try to complete your Daily Goal and Daily Five every day. It’s simple to fit the activities into your free time, but if you want to earn substantial MyPoints Points and prizes, you’ll need to be deliberate about doing things online on a regular basis. 

MyPoints will likely be a good match for you if you do a lot of shopping and are willing to utilize the Magic Receipts function with MyPoints to submit your shopping receipts. 

FAQs about MyPoints

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked MyPoints FAQs from across the web. Here are our responses.

Is MyPoints a reputable company?

Yes, MyPoints is a genuine online rewards program that is completely free to use and enables you to earn Points that can be redeemed for gift cards. You may earn points by doing things like online shopping, taking surveys, playing games, and watching movies, among other things. While it isn’t meant to be a full-time job, it may help you supplement your income in your spare time. 

Is it safe to use MyPoints?

Yes, MyPoints is a secure rewards system. You may expect to earn and get gift cards for your Points as promised, and your personally identifying information will not be sold or leased.

Last Thoughts

If you have additional time each day to spend online doing things like completing surveys, playing online games, watching movies, and browsing the web, MyPoints is something you should look into. It’s a fantastic method to earn money with your spare time. Furthermore, if you do a significant amount of online or in-store shopping, you should be able to rapidly raise your Points total, which you can then redeem for gift cards from your favorite companies. 

While MyPoints is unlikely to become a major source of additional money for you, if you’re dedicated to going through MyPoints activities every day, there’s no reason you couldn’t earn a few hundred dollars each year from it!

The mypoints app download is a platform that allows users to earn quick cash through multiple ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you earn MyPoints fast?

You can earn MyPoints by completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping.

How do you make money with MyPoints?

MyPoints is a rewards program that allows users to earn points for completing various tasks. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards, prizes, and cash back.

How much money can you earn on MyPoints?

MyPoints is a rewards program that allows users to earn points by completing tasks such as watching videos, shopping online, and answering surveys. The amount of money you can make on MyPoints depends on the amount of points you have.

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