Charles Mizrahi is a celebrity with an extensive personal history of drug addiction and bankruptcy. In 2005, he created the “Forever Battery” stock that promised investors 10 million shares for every battery sold as long as the company remained solvent. After selling its first product in 2017, it was revealed to be a scam. How did this happen?

“ssbt battery stocks” is a stock that was exposed. The company has been accused of using false advertisements to sell their products.

I just stumbled upon a lecture by financial expert Charles Mizrahi on the Banyan Hill Publishing website. He was referring to a “secret company” that is developing a “forever battery” that might result in a “1,500% increase in electric vehicle sales” over the next four years.

And, of course, generate a lot of money for investors in the process.

I’m curious about the stock he’s teasing. Is this a genuine opportunity?

So, I conducted my research and am 99.99 percent certain I know the firm he’s referring about. So, in this piece, I’ll go through his battery forecast and expose the stock I believe he’s hinting about.

I’ll also give you a heads up on the service he’s hawking (Alpha Investor Report) so you can determine if it’s worth it.

Breaking Down Charles Mizrahi’s Prediction “Forever Battery”

“Secret Startup Cracks the Battery Code – Wall Street Legend Predicts a 1,500% Surge in Electric Car Sales Over the Next 4 Years…” is the headline of the presentation we’ll be examining in this article.


It’s presented by John Daly and includes Charles Mizrahi of Banyan Hill Publishing, an investing expert I’ve met a few times previously.

I recently wrote about his newest 3D printing stock choice and his “L5 Revolution” presentation, which focused on the autonomous car sector’s potential.

He’s talking about a “new technology” that might “soon power your EV for 1,000 miles – on a single charge,” according to him. It’s dubbed The Forever Battery by him.


The Forever Battery isn’t the name of a battery; it’s a word used by Charles Mizrahi to describe a kind of battery that he believes will eventually replace ordinary lithium-ion batteries and play a key role in EV development.

What kind of battery is he referring to?

Solid-state batteries are what Charles Mizrahi is referring about when he says “Forever Battery.”

But you may be wondering what the Forever Battery is and how it works at this point.

It’s referred to as a “solid-state battery” by scientists.

Lithium-ion batteries, which contain a liquid core, are not the same as these batteries.

This is the same sort of battery that some high-profile financial experts have been mentioning recently. For example, InvestorPlace’s Luke Lango and Stansberry Research’s Brian Tycangco have both issued presentations touting the technology’s potential advantages.

Solid-state batteries, unlike ordinary lithium-ion batteries, do not have a liquid electrolyte. Instead, they use a solid electrolyte made of materials like as ceramics and glass.

And since solid-state batteries are more energy-dense than standard lithium-ion batteries, the same size battery may theoretically carry more energy, allowing EVs to go longer on a single charge.

Solid-state batteries provide a number of significant advantages.

They are, for example, lighter, can charge in less time, and may be safer. On the final point, if you’ve ever heard of electric cars exploding into flames, solid-state batteries don’t have that problem.

Why aren’t they in mass production if that’s the case?

It boils down to the expense of making these batteries, as far as I can tell. Solid-state battery technology has been used in wearables for years, but creating a bigger solid-state battery for EVs in a cost-effective manner is still a difficulty.

What about Charles Mizrahi’s taunting of the company?

They may have “cracked the battery code,” as the presentation implies, but first, let me show you the firm I believe he’s mocking.

The “Forevery Battery” Stock of Charles Mizrahi Has Been Revealed

QuantumScape Corporation, I think, is the firm Charles Mizrahi is teasing (QS).


Well, there are a lot of reasons for this, so let’s go through the primary reasons why I think Quantumscape is the firm he’s marketing, and then you can determine whether I’m correct.

To begin, he shows the following graphic in the presentation, which was a dead giveaway:


I used Google image search to find the picture, and it returned a slew of results. In this Financial Times story, the identical picture is used, and the image’s source is ascribed to QuantumScape, a solid-state battery manufacturer.

QuantumScape’s ceramic solid-state separator, according to the paper. To put it another way, the “solid” aspect of the solid-state battery we spoke about before.

That was pretty much all I needed to know, but just in case, I double-checked some of the other indications he offers to see if they line up.

Here’s a rundown of some of the other hints he drops during the presentation:

One of its largest corporate owners is a carmaker with a goal of producing 22 million battery-powered electric vehicles by 2029.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in it by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, and Jack Ma.

George Soros has made a massive $4.6 billion investment in the firm.

Now, after ten years of top-secret research and development, their Forever Battery — complete with exclusive technologies and over 200 patents — is nearly ready for prime time.

That’s Volkswagen, one of Quantumscape’s largest investors, on the first point. All of the billionaires named have invested in this firm, according to my research.

Quantumscape holds approximately 200 patents, according to the company.

So I think Charles Mizrahi is hinting about a solid-state batter stock. Whether it’s a good investment or not is an another matter. Because my goal with this site isn’t to provide stock recommendations, you’ll have to make that decision for yourself.

However, despite the promise of solid-state battery technology, I believe it is far from definite. As with any investment, there are dangers associated.

What does Quantumscape mean to Charles Mizrahi?

Because he wants you to join his service, Alpha Investor Report, he doesn’t divulge the name of his solid-state stock choice in the presentation. If you do, you’ll get a copy of “The Forever Battery: How to Profit as Electric Vehicle Sales Increase 1,500% in the Next 4 Years,” an unique study he wrote.

Charles explains why he’s so high on his stock choice (which I think is Quantumscape) in this report. He also includes information such as how much he believes it will value and so on.

So that’s the finest approach to learn all there is to know.

What Is an Alpha Investor Report, and How Does It Work?

I posted a thorough review of Alpha Investor Report a while ago, so if you want all the information on how it works, go read it.

In summary, Alpha Investor Report is a monthly investing newsletter aimed at assisting readers in profiting from upcoming trends, notably technological advances.

Every month, Charles Mizrahi publishes a new edition of Alpha Investor Report, which includes his most recent recommendation, the rationale behind his decision, and market updates.

You’ll also get access to the model portfolio, which lists all of the current holdings he’s suggesting as well as the specifics for each. For instance, the stock ticker, purchase price, and the date it was suggested, among other things. So it’s essentially a stock list that he advises.

As of this writing, the model portfolio has “more than 12 equities that are up by double digits,” according to Charles Mizrahi.

While amazing, two factors should be kept in mind:

  • To begin with, this ignores the average performance of each stock he recommends. In other words, his stock choices’ performance, including both winning and losing transactions.
  • Second, there’s no assurance that using the service will help you generate any money at all, much less double-digit returns. It’s possible, but there’s no assurance.

The purpose of bringing these issues out isn’t to disparage the service. It’s only to make sure you realize that this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

If you join Alpha Investor Report via the presentation, you will get two additional reports in addition to the newsletter and model portfolio:

  • The Forever Battery: How to Profit as EV Sales Grow 1,500% Over the Next 4 Years
  • The Hottest Breakthrough of the Twenty-First Century: A New Era of Energy Storage

The first one, as previously indicated, is about Charles Mizrahi’s solid-state battery selection. The second report, on the other hand, discusses a battery storage firm on which he is enthusiastic.

I’m not sure what it is since he doesn’t provide many hints on that one. It does, however, remind me of a stock that Ray Blanco teased in his “Secret Tesla Project” presentation, which is all about a battery storage technology he called BESS.

In any case, you’ll need to join Alpha Investor Report to find out for sure.

Costs and Refund Procedures

Alpha Investor Report is $47 per year and comes with a money-back guarantee that allows you to sample the service for 364 days (nearly a year) and receive a complete refund if you’re not happy.

Is the Alpha Investor Report a genuine source of information?

Yes, Alpha Investor Report is a reliable service. I wouldn’t join it expecting to get wealthy quickly or without knowing the hazards, but it isn’t a rip-off.

Charles Mizrahi has been an accomplished investor for decades, and the organization he works for, Banyan Hill Publishing, is a recognized financial publishing house.

You may even request a refund nearly a year after joining if you’re not happy.

Following his stock recommendations, in my opinion, is the most major risk element. Some may earn you money, while others may cause you to lose money. That doesn’t make the service a fraud, but it does suggest that there are dangers involved, as with any investment.

What is Charles Mizrahi’s name?

Charles Mizrahi is the creator of the “Forever Battery” presentation and the Alpha Investor Report service, as well as two additional Banyan Hill Publishing services: American Investor Alliance and Lifetime Profits.

Mr. Mizrahi has been an investor and trader for almost four decades. So he’s more than simply a newsletter writer; he’s a true specialist.

He began as a trader at the New York Futures Exchange when he was 20 and rose to become one of the best “market timers” in the US, according to his Banyan Hill biography.

He also started a money management company and worked for several of the world’s most prestigious investment firms, including Goldman Sachs, Citi, and Credit Suisse.

He also seems to have made several excellent forecasts throughout the years, mostly concerning technology. For example, even though it wasn’t the popular bet, he advocated Apple and Microsoft in the early days. He’s also warned of market collapses like the ones that occurred in 1987 and 1999.


The Forevery Battery talk by Charles Mizrahi is all about the potential possibility in solid-state battery technology. QuantumScape, I suppose, is the firm he’s teasing.

However, you’ll have to read The Forever Battery study report he’s put together to find out for sure which firm he’s optimistic on, which you can only obtain if you join Alpha Investor Report for $47.

Is it worthwhile to invest in Alpha Investor?

Overall, I think Charles Mizrahi’s presentation had some intriguing ideas. And, although I’m no expert on battery science, solid-state battery technology seems to have a promising future if it can be made accessible to the general public.

At the same time, it’s a lot of guesswork. Nobody knows for sure which technology will win out in the end, or how this will affect the future of electric cars. At this point, everything is supposition. So, although it may be a terrific opportunity, there’s no assurance it’ll result in a “1,500 percent increase in EV sales” or “huge returns” for investors.

In any case, Alpha Investor Report would be worth looking into. Because you’ll receive immediate access to some of Charles Mizrahi’s most recent suggestions and insights for only $47. You may always unsubscribe and get your money back if you don’t like it.

Whatever you choose, I hope you found this information useful.

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