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How To Divide Your Salary

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It is nice to have a high salary. But regardless of your income, there is one rule you should follow when splitting your salary. This will not only ensure that you live month to month but also that you can afford to do certain things. For example, gambling at CasinoChan.

This rule is better known as the 50/30/20 rule. It is a simple way to budget wisely each month. The goal is to use your salary not only for your expenses but also to put some money aside. It also helps you keep track of your budget.

Basically, it describes how you should divide your income. By rule, it looks like this: 50% for needs, 30% for wants, and 20% for savings or paying off debt. By needs, you mean rent, utilities, some extra taxes, public transportation costs, insurance, and other things you really need to maintain your standard of living. The second part is reserved for your wants.

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For example, for bigger purchases like a TV, a new car or maybe some fancy furniture. The last 20% you should use to pay off debts or put aside for later. It is always good to build up your savings. You can also use the money to invest, maybe in some long-term NFT or other stocks. It is important that you have short-term investments for the long term as well because they are considered more stable.

But more importantly, make sure you pay off your debts on time. If you default, it can negatively impact your credibility for the rest of your life.

Do You Have Enough Money To Invest, Or Do You Need A Second Job?

For some people, their first salary is not enough to cover their expenses. So they decide to take a second job. This job is then not so time-consuming and mostly online, especially after the Corona 19 pandemic. But it is nice to be able to supplement your income.

Sometimes you have enough money. So use it wisely. Consider investments and consult your bank.

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Even if you make some long-term investments, they are more stable than cryptocurrencies. Or you can just set it aside to top up your savings. It is advisable to have a foundation for retirement. Once you retire, you will no longer have a stable and high income. So better prepare yourself for that time.

A sideline does not necessarily have to be just for more money. But rather something you enjoy doing. For example, teaching or writing. The possibilities are endless, and you just have to start looking.