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A person, who knows how to manage the money, will never get into loans. Moreover, he will have savings even with a small salary.

Fix the monthly costs that you have every month. This is all the “utilities,” money for travel, pay for the intercom and internet. It is essential also to take food expenses into account. The amount may differ every week, but there is always about the same amount for one month. This is usually an average that can be calculated. And having done this, you can buy all the products once for one month. Precisely for this purpose, make a separate column. Also, consider other costs and payments, for example, prices for pet food, holidays and your leisure time, hobbies such as gambling, or betting on such websites as 22Bet if you like it. All the rest is free money, and it’s all the same that there is a paltry amount. At the same time, you do not spend too much, and the rest of your luxury can be deposited, invested in securities, or buy gold, albeit a little.

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Live without debts. Some people live like that: they take out dozens of debts, pay for old ones, and so on with no end. But you can also live within your means and avoid taking debts and credits or take them only if your health or life depends on it. Besides, you are overpaying. If you want something, save. In addition, debt is also a psychological burden and no small one.

Control your expenses. The easiest way is to write down every purchase in a notebook, even a box of matches. After you can analyze it all and find what unnecessary you bought. Do not count in your mind, but transfer everything to the paper. And you see: unnecessary things were bought many times more than necessary, and sometimes even essential to the detriment!

Always follow your financial goals. If you go to the supermarket or the market for something specific, it does not mean you return with a bag full of unnecessary things.

Take advantage of different discounts and buy seasoned vegetables. This does not indicate greed. You will earn money on your purchases. What’s wrong with that? Also, allow you to save money wholesale and joint buying. And haggling can and should be. You’re not overpaying anything! And prices can vary greatly, and seasonal fruit is healthier than winter apples, for example.

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Be more pragmatic. The purchases you make at that moment when everything inside screams “I want” are unlikely to bring joy and be needed. That’s why we have nothing to walk around in with a full closet and a pile of cosmetics, which is then given to the little sister, and only our emotions are to blame. To deprive ourselves of pleasures and save money on everything is not necessary: how many times the miser pays, everyone knows perfectly well. Think about yourself and the things your need.