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Type of Content Related Services You Can Provide Online

If you have skills and a bit of experience in content writing, you need to make sure that you know about the services you can provide as a content writer. There are different types of content writing services that you can provide online, and in this post, we will discuss the top ones. Each content writer has their skills and expertise. So there are different kinds of services that one can provide according to their skills and experience. 

Out of dozens of content writing services, we have discussed the top ones below for you:

Blogging – Blog post writing

You can provide writing services as a blogger. Today websites with blog sections can easily win four times more leads than those that don’t have their blog corner. There is a lot of opportunity in the blogging industry as all bloggers need to update their content daily. So if you have experience in writing blog posts, you can easily provide services as a blog writer. When writing blog posts, you need to make sure that they are aligned with the search interest of the target audience and that the content is 100% unique. You can earn up to hundreds of dollars by providing services as a professional blogger. Know that you can work as a writer with already established blogs, or you can also start your blog!

Article writing

Creating new websites has become easy for anyone, thanks to modern tech and platforms like WIX and WordPress. Creating a site is no longer difficult, but you must know that a website is incomplete without content. Every website owner needs content today, so you can easily provide services as a website content writer.

You can create unique articles for different websites and charge hundreds of dollars for your services. Website content writing is quite different from blogging or any other writing mode. We would urge you only to try your luck in this type of writing if you have experience creating unique, technical, yet interesting content. 

Assignment writing

You also have the opportunity to write assignments and other academic content. Academic assignments are not that easy to write, which is why most students today look for writers to do their work at cheap rates. If you have experience and expertise in a certain subject, you can easily provide services for writing assignments.

Today you can earn a decent amount of money per assignment. You can find assignment-related work on social media or join digital freelance platforms like Upwork. You can easily find genuine academic writing work on these platforms.


Proofreading is another important service that you can give related to content writing. The content writing industry is very large. You would be surprised to know that thousands of articles and billions of words worth of content are uploaded on the web every month. You should also know that there are a lot of opportunities to work as a proofreader. Writers always need help from proofreaders who can check their work and highlight errors.

Today you can provide services as a proofreader and earn good money. You can provide plagiarism checking services online and earn money. Plagiarism checking is a must-do task, no one can use content without checking plagiarism either for educational purposes or for online blogging purposes. You can use a plagiarism checker to check plagiarism online. So it would not be time taking process as the tool will assist to get your work done within a matter of seconds. 

You can also provide grammar checking services to find and resolve grammar checking services. For this purpose, you can use an online grammar checker. That will check and highlight the grammatical or spelling errors with suggestions. 

Editing and Rewriting

Editing is another important service that you can provide online. Writers would always need editors to improve the quality of their work and remove all kinds of errors from the drafts.

Today you have access to online tools like Grammarly and prowriting aid that can help you find errors in a piece of content and remove them. You can easily remove errors and improve the quality of content with the help of online tools. You can also use online article rewriter tools for rewriting duplicate content without any errors. Editing service also pays well, so if you have skills and experience as an editor, you should surely try your luck in this industry.

Guest Posting

You can also provide online services as a guest posting agent. Guest posts are the posts that you write for other websites while promoting another party’s products, services, and tools, if not yours. The purpose of guest posting is to drive traffic towards the linking website.

Guest posting is a major component of SEO campaigns today, so writers always demand to create guest posts. If you have some experience creating guest posts, you can find tons of opportunities in this service. 

End Words

While providing any writing service, you have to ensure that your work is checked for plagiarism and grammatical errors with modern grammar checker and plagiarism tools; ensuring quality and originality would help you get positive feedback from clients, which contributes to getting more work!