Mike Barrett is a 10X Investor Service, which offers investors and business owners consulting services. We review the company to see if they’re legit or not.

I just came upon a Stansberry Research presentation with Mike Barrett, who discussed a “ten-bagger” company he’s interested in and discusses with 10X Investor members.

It was a fascinating presentation, and I was interested to see whether the service was worthwhile. So I took a deeper look, and I’ll show you what I discovered in this review.

How Does 10X Investor Work?

Mike Barrett of Stansberry Research edits 10X Investor, an investment advising service whose mission is to help customers earn ten times their money in three to five years by investing in equities with substantial upside potential.

Smaller enterprises that generate items that are still in the early phases of development are the sorts of prospects Mike suggests. Mike Barrett is particularly interested in deals in which the firm possesses intellectual property.

Mike notes out in a recent presentation that the small businesses he promotes may or may not have a patent, and others may not even have goods.

Is-Mike-Barretts-10X-Investor-Service-Legit-Reviewstansberryresearch.com is the source for this information.

Mike, on the other hand, claims that they are developing things that have never been before or doing things that “nobody ever believed conceivable” inside current businesses.

Mike Barrett puts it like way:

In summary, there’s a whole new breed of small businesses that most people have never heard of… typically with just a few workers.

They may or may not have a tangible product. And sometimes they don’t even earn money in the beginning!

Instead, they build compounds… or corporate structures… or systems… or even small components… all of which, on their own, are useless yet may establish billion-dollar enterprises or reinvigorate existing ones in an instant.

So, before the masses pour in, 10X Investor is all about investing in firms that are in the early stages of generating potentially game-changing technologies.

Mike’s suggestions do not need you to be an accredited investor, according to Stansberry Research, which implies the service suggests normal stocks.

10X Investor is “Very Speculative,” according to the Stansberry Research website, and the portfolio is “built for long–term, aggressive–oriented money.”

To put it another way, the service caters to investors who are looking for high-risk/high-reward prospects.

If you want to invest in well-established firms with a significant market capitalization, this service may not be for you.

The equities in the 10X Investor portfolio “tend to be volatile,” according to Stansberry, as compared to the more established corporations in the S&P 500 Index. That is true for any firm with a tiny market capitalization, since the smaller the market capitalization, the more volatile the stock might be.

Volatility, on the other hand, goes both ways, so it’s not always a negative thing. It simply implies that you must thoroughly analyze the possible dangers and benefits before deciding what is best for you.

In any event, according to Stansberry Research, Mike Barrett “screens for 10x ideas utilizing a proven five–step approach that involves calculating each company’s intrinsic value potential” to reduce risk as much as feasible.

Mike’s plan entails what?

Mike Barrett keeps his “unique five-step technique” for identifying the prospects he suggests to 10X Investor customers a secret.

However, Mike’s technique includes meeting with CEOs and visiting business offices on occasion, and he invests in these firms while they’re “still tiny, inexpensive, and relatively new,” according to the Stansberry Research website.

As a 10X Investor subscription, you’ll gain additional insight into how the technique works, as well as access to Mike Barrett’s most recent recommendations, as well as the insights behind each decision.

It’s up to you to determine which companies to invest in after that. Mike’s stock recommendations aren’t guaranteed to help you 10X your money in three to five years in each case, but that’s the aim. And, based on his track record, he seems to be on the right track.

Mike Barrett: Who Is He?

Mike Barrett, unlike other financial education experts I’ve seen, is neither a professional money manager or Wall Street analyst, nor does he have a background in finance.

Mike Barrett, according to the Stansberry Research website, is a “60-year-old guy who produces pecans on a 5-acre farm in central Florida.”

Furthermore, he has a history in commercial real estate evaluation.

Mike holds an Agricultural Engineering degree, an MBA, and the Appraisal Institute’s MAI and SRA qualifications, according to his biography on the Stansberry Research website.

Mike Barrett looks to have had success as a self-directed investor and has been a member of Stansberry Research’s Extreme Value service for over a decade.

Dan Ferris is the editor of Extreme Value, a value-investing advising service that he founded in 2002. It’s also much less speculative than 10X Investor.

And it looks that this service is a “sister magazine” and a “great complement” to 10X Investor, according to Stansberry Research. Mike Barrett, the chief analyst of Extreme Value, has worked with Dan Ferris for over 10 years and is less speculative.

These positions have now been swapped, with Dan Ferris assisting Mike Barret with 10X Investor instead of Mike assisting Dan with Extreme Value.

Mike Barrett, who has a history in real estate, may not be your typical Stansberry Research analyst, but Extreme Value has a proven track record, which Mike is a key part of. Stansberry claims to have suggested several fantastic stocks throughout the years.

Mike Barrett’s Stock Predictions

It’s too early to say how well 10X Investor has done since it’s a fresh new service. Mike, on the other hand, seems to have made some impressive forecasts in recent years.

According to Stansberry Research, he forecasted the stock market collapse in 2020 and the subsequent market bottom, and he has invested in a number of triple and quadruple-digit companies.

Mike recommended Innovative Industrial Properties in 2018 when it was trading at $48 per share, invested in Annovis Bio, which made him “up to 20 times his money in 7 months,” and made “up to 19 times his money in just over a year and a half” with Kodiak Sciences, according to a recent Stansberry Research presentation.

The site also mentions certain “ten-baggers” he’s advised, which were unknown to anybody outside of Stansberry Research. Grow Generation and Silvergate, for example.

These latter two choices seem to be tied to Mike Barrett’s intellectual property investment approach, in which he seeks for smaller firms with intellectual property that might provide them with a competitive edge in the future.

Mike’s most recent suggestion, according to the presentation, is for a business that “has sorted out the missing technology” for self-driving vehicles.

Mike has discovered a tiny new firm that has the intellectual property for a technology that might revolutionize the car industry in the same way that Apple revolutionized the computer industry.

In a nutshell, this little business has discovered the missing technology for one of the most interesting and promising new industries:

Automobiles that drive themselves.

Mike does not divulge the company’s name throughout the presentation. Instead, he tells 10X Investor members the name of the firm and the grounds for his interest in it.

Overall, he believes there are eleven intellectual property stocks in the model portfolio that he’s interested in right now as a customer to the service.

What Do You Get When You Become a Member of 10X Investor?

Mike Barrett’s stock picks are the foundation of the 10X Investor service.

According to the Stansberry Research website, the model portfolio includes ten “intellectual property stocks,” each of which comes with an explanation from Mike on how he values the firm and why he feels it has 10X potential.

It’s unclear how often fresh suggestions are made available, but unlike most of the services I’ve looked at, it doesn’t seem that a new stock selection is made every month.

Instead, when Mike Barret discovers fresh suggestions, they are made public. I see why some people could be offended by this, but I believe it is a good thing.

Why? Because, as I explain in my essay on stock advice, some businesses are more concerned with selling subscriptions than with assisting clients. Making a fresh suggestion every month is also somewhat of a “selling pitch.”

The difficulty with this is that, in order to achieve the “monthly suggestion quota,” the editor may fall into the trap of offering new possibilities just to propose them, rather than when they identify a really excellent opportunity.

In any event, in addition to stock recommendations, customers get quarterly portfolio updates, “warnings and forecasts” from Mike Barret on where the market is headed, and incentives if you subscribe via Mike’s presentation with Tom Mustin.

Mike’s technique for investing in intellectual property prospects is detailed in a research study titled “The Ten-Bagger Secret: How to Make 10 Times Your Money on the Best Intellectual Property.”

The “Alliance Briefings,” which consists of two films from Dan Ferris on investing, is another bonus.

Finally, a complimentary 12-month membership to Dan Ferris’ Extreme Value program is included.

What does it cost to become a member of 10X Investor?

10X Investor generally costs $5,000 per year, according to the Stansberry Research website. If you enroll via the presentation, however, it will cost you $2,000 for 12 months.

Is it possible to receive a refund?

10X Investor is not eligible for a cash return from Stansberry Research. Instead, they provide you 30 days to sample the service, after which you may obtain a “credit refund” to spend on another service if you’re not happy.

Is 10X Investor a Trustworthy Company?

Based on my investigation, I do not think 10X Investor is a fraud.

Mike Barrett may not be as well-known as other of the industry’s “gurus,” but he has been the primary analyst for Extreme Value for over a decade. Granted, Extreme Value is a separate business that focuses on completely different sorts of investments, but it looks to have a solid track record.

Furthermore, Stansberry Research is a real business. They have a significant international subscriber base and have been in the financial advising industry for many years.

That said, I believe it’s important to note that, as with any advice service, there are no assurances that following the suggestions will result in profit.

When it comes to speculating in the stock market, particularly when it comes to investing on tiny firms, anything may go wrong.

If you’re correct about the firms Mike Barrett suggests, the reward potential might be fantastic. However, since this is one of Stansberry Research’s more speculative advises, you may lose part (or all) of your investment.

Hopefully, this will not be the case, but you should not rush into this expecting to make a 10X return or without realizing the hazards involved.

In the End, Should You Join?

On the one hand, 10X Investor may be worth considering if you want to invest in smaller, more speculative firms with “ten-bagger” potential in the coming years.

As previously said, 10X Investor is a completely new business with no track record, yet Mike Barrett seems to have advised several excellent Extreme Value prospects. Dan Ferris, according to my understanding, also contributes to the 10X Investor service.

So, as a member to the service, you may learn about certain high-potential equities and apply what you’ve learned to navigate market ups and downs.

On the other hand, this isn’t exactly Stansberry’s cheapest or most conservative advising service. In reality, 10X Investor is one of the most speculative services offered by the corporation. As a result, this service is unlikely to appeal to risk-averse investors.

In any case, whether or not the service is right for you will be determined by your objectives, investment preferences, and risk tolerance, among other things. Hopefully, everything I’ve provided has helped you make a better educated choice, but only you can choose what’s best for you.

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