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Why are People Moving to Tennessee?

Tennessee is the fastest growing state and now boasts the 5th highest population in the U.S., with a whopping 2 million residents! There’s no mystery to this rapid growth, it all comes down to one word: jobs. With explosive job growth across industries like healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality since 2000-2016, Tennessee has experienced an economic boom that continues today. What other factors contribute to its success?

The Tennessee economy has grown by an estimated 3.2% in 2018, a rate that is more than double the national average and 10 times faster than most of America’s northern states.
Tennessee’s low costs have recently attracted investors from California who are drawn to its business environment and hope for future opportunities with lower living expenses.

People are moving to Tennessee because of the low cost of living, which has made it more affordable. The state has a lot of natural beauty, and is also known for its high quality education system.


If you’ve been wondering why people are flocking to Tennessee, you’re not alone.

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for answers.

Because that is one of the main reasons why so many people are relocating to Tennessee. Today’s subject just so happens to be about that.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get to the meat of the matter. Now is the time to begin moving.

We’re also relocating to “The Volunteer State”…


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Is it true that people are relocating to Tennessee?

Yes. People are migrating to this area.

According to the most recent 10-year census statistics, the population of the state rose by about 9%. One of the country’s fastest-growing states in terms of population.

Furthermore, in recent years, the population growth tendency has accelerated.

As a result, we now know that individuals are relocating to this state. This brings us to the topic of the day:

Why are so many people relocating to Tennessee? Let’s talk about it…

What Attracts People to Tennessee?

It is because the state handles many of the most significant aspects, in my view. That people use to decide where they want to live.

Tennessee, for example, has a thriving economy with plenty of work prospects. With cheap taxes and a low cost of living.

As a consequence, a large number of individuals relocate to Tennessee in order to better their financial status.

However, life is more than just job and money. The majority of us wish to engage in our preferred leisure and recreation activities.

Tennessee will not let you down here, either. As an example…

For those who desire or need to get away, the state is conveniently positioned. For outdoor enthusiasts, eastern Tennessee gives access to the Appalachian Mountains.

Then there’s Memphis, which has a long history of blues and rock & roll. And there’s a reason Nashville is known as “The Music City.”

The cuisine is really excellent. Particularly if you like BBQ. Alternatively, there are a variety of other southern favorites.

Finally, the weather is pleasant. So you can go out and take advantage of all this state has to offer.

Okay. Keeping those points in mind. Let’s be a bit more precise now…

People are moving to Tennessee for a variety of reasons.

Why is it that so many people are relocating to Tennessee? Take a look at these probable explanations…

  • Great places to live in cities and towns
  • Job possibilities and a robust economy
  • The reasonable cost of living
  • There are no state income taxes.
  • Property tax rates are low.
  • Fantastic music scene
  • Outdoor access to beautiful scenery
  • Winters are moderate and there are four seasons.
  • a delicious meal
  • Everything is close by.

This category reflects our top ten reasons why individuals choose to relocate to Tennessee.

After that, I’d want to go through each one in more depth…


1. Live in Great Cities and Towns

To begin with, Tennessee boasts some of the nicest areas to reside in the country.

Let’s take a look at the five most populous cities in the United States…


Let’s start with Nashville. The state’s most populous city. The state capital is also located here.

It is situated in the midst of Tennessee’s central region. It’s also renowned for its vibrant nightlife.

The city is known as “The Music City.” Alternatively, “Country Music’s Capital.”

In Nashville, you should be able to find your groove!


Memphis is up next. A large city with a reasonable cost of living.

Located in the state’s southwest portion. It’s a location where you can get some fantastic barbecue and listen to some scorching blues music.


Then there’s Knoxville. The University of Tennessee is located here. As well as its main campus.

Residents like living near the National Park of the Great Smoky Mountains. One of the most visited national parks in the United States.

However, don’t overlook the arts, festivals, collegiate atmosphere, and cuisine scene. Since they’ve all found a home in Knoxville.


Not far from North Carolina, in southern Tennessee. We have Chattanooga, which is a lovely city.

The area is known as “Gig City.” Because of the ultra-fast internet access available to both families and businesses.

The city has recently attracted a large number of young individuals.

This is partly owing to the enormous number of IT companies and small company startups that have set up shop here. In addition, there is a lovely and picturesque spot to enjoy the outdoors.


Finally, consider relocating to Clarksville. Kentucky is just over the border.

It is the state of Tennessee’s fifth-largest city. But it’s not a huge problem.

Because the city retains its small-town charm. Having a young feel

In addition, the Fort Campbell Military Base is located there. Aside from Austin Peay University.

Tennessee’s Smaller Towns

Of course, you are not required to relocate to one of Tennessee’s larger cities. There are also several small and medium-sized towns.

Some of the possibilities…

Consider visiting Johnson City. It might be the list’s hidden jewel.

Being a member of the tri-cities metropolitan region. Located in the state’s northeast portion.

Johnson City’s residents appreciate its small-town charm. Also, the Appalachian Mountains are close by.

Cookeville is another option. One of Tennessee’s top retirement destinations.

Then there’s Franklin. A popular Nashville suburb.

Maryville and Oak Ridge, too. They are tiny communities immediately outside of Knoxville’s urban region.

Finally, if you want farmland in a rural setting. Tennessee is capable of doing so as well.

You may look for farms for sale in your desired location. On AcreTrader, to be precise.

Why would you want to relocate to Tennessee? Any of these cities and localities are included.

Let’s have a look at the next reason…

2. Job Opportunities And A Strong Economy

Tennessee is one of the top 20 states in the US in terms of economic production.

Nashville has one of the fastest-growing economies of any metropolitan region in the United States, according to the Nashville Business Journal.

Chattanooga has developed a reputation as a hotbed for technology and other sorts of company beginnings.

Tourism is the lifeblood of Eastern Tennessee. FedEx, the world’s largest shipping company, has its headquarters in Memphis.

Because of all of these causes, the unemployment rate is low. Also, for job searchers, a varied pool of employers.

3. Low Living Expenses

Make sure you finish your assignment. And there are lots of inexpensive places to live in Tennessee. In order to get the most bang for your buck.

Because the cost of living in the state is around 12% cheaper than the national average. Cost savings may be found in groceries, utilities, and transportation.

Tennessee also assists you in balancing your budget’s most significant line item: housing. Because the median price of a house in Tennessee is about 20% lower than the national average.

Unfortunately, in the past year or two, the state’s popularity has driven up costs. It is, however, still inexpensive.

After that, sign up for Rakuten’s cashback app to save even more money. You want to save money on all of your internet purchases. Amazon is one among them.

When it comes to Amazon, the “Operations Center of Excellence” is located in Nashville. Thousands of new employment will be created in the region.

There’s also the advantage of Tennessee’s tax rules…

4. There are no state income taxes.

Tennessee is one of just a few states that does not levy a state income tax on individuals.

This includes income from a work, social security, and retirement funds. All of this occurs without the imposition of a state income tax.

More of that money will be left where it belongs. You have it in your pocket!

And there’s more good news on the tax front…


5. Property tax rates are low.

When it comes to property taxes, there are a few things to consider. Taxes on real estate are sometimes known as property taxes. In Tennessee, owning a house is a terrific bargain.

Since property taxes on a median-priced house are among the lowest in the country!

However, after relocating to “The Volunteer State,” There’s more to life than work and no pleasure.

This is why…

6. A Fantastic Musical Scene

Blues and country music are very popular in Tennessee.

Beale Street is a street in Memphis, Tennessee. It is said by some to be the birthplace of the blues.

Then there’s Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. A key center for the recording of country music.

Don’t forget that Rock & Roll has deep roots in Memphis. Elvis Presley, the King of Rock & Roll, has called the city home.

His home and land are still open to the public. Graceland is the name given to the estate.

Finally, Dolly Parton, who was born in eastern Tennessee, is a well-known singer. Dollywood, her favorite theme park, is close by.

Dolly was given the honor of being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Contributing to the state’s musical heritage.

We’re making good progress. And, to continue with the topic of the day…

People are flocking to Tennessee for a variety of reasons. Here’s another cause for you to be happy.

7. Access to Beautiful Outdoor Locations

The natural beauty of Tennessee is well-known. Because there are so many beautiful locations to visit.

Only a handful come to mind. With these special outdoor treasures strewn throughout the state…

  • The Appalachian Trail is a popular hiking route in the United States.
  • Big Ridge State Park is located in the state of North Carolina.
  • Cumberland Trail is a hiking trail in the state of Tennessee.
  • Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Shelby Farms Park is a park in Shelby, Alabama.
  • The Tennessee River Gorge is located in Tennessee.

Another reason individuals desire to relocate to Tennessee is…

8. Mild Winters And Four Seasons

New and old inhabitants may be found in most sections of the state. Enjoy the four seasons as they change.

Unless you go to eastern Tennessee’s higher heights. You are exempt from the severe winter weather.

High temperatures in the 50s are not uncommon throughout the winter. Lows are barely a few degrees below freezing.

In addition, snowfall is minimal. Unless you’re in the mountains.

9. Delicious Food

Tennessee is well-known for its excellent BBQ.

You should try the dry rub barbecue, particularly if you’re in Memphis. Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous restaurant made it famous.

Wet-style barbecue with a sweet or acidic red sauce, as opposed to dry-style barbeque. You can’t go wrong either way.

Interstate Barbecue and the Rendezvous are two of the most well-known barbeque restaurants.

To the little BBQ establishments you’ve never heard of before. One of the greatest barbeques comes from Tennessee.

Don’t forget about some of Tennessee’s other traditional meals. Country ham, fried chicken, meat and three, banana pudding, and pecan pie are just a few examples.

Do you think you’ve gotten your fill yet? Not so fast, my friend. There’s a little more…

Why are so many people relocating to Tennessee? Here’s the last reason…

10. Everything Is Within Walking Distance

When you need to go away from the city. And we’re all guilty of it from time to time.

Residents of Tennessee benefit from the state’s central position.

It depends on where you want to live. A half-day trip will get you to the Gulf Coast beaches. Alternatively, the Atlantic Ocean beachfront of South Carolina.

Larger cities are easily accessible. Because Atlanta is just a few hours away. Charlotte, North Carolina, is the same way.

Finally, Memphis and Nashville both have big international airports. As a result, you can get anywhere you want in a quick.

Okay. The ten reasons why people are relocating to Tennessee are now complete.

Let’s review…

What Attracts People to Tennessee?

People are flocking to Tennessee because the state handles the most important aspects in deciding where to reside.

Here are ten compelling reasons to relocate to Tennessee:

  • Great places to live in cities and towns
  • Job possibilities and a robust economy
  • The reasonable cost of living
  • There are no state income taxes.
  • Property tax rates are low.
  • Fantastic music scene
  • Outdoor access to beautiful scenery
  • Winters are moderate and there are four seasons.
  • a delicious meal
  • Everything is close by.

Perhaps you should plan a trip to the state in the near future.

Are there any reasons why you shouldn’t relocate to Tennessee? Yes, there are some.

However, I believe that the good exceeds the negative. Furthermore, most individuals seldom look back on their decision to relocate to Tennessee.

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A: Many Americans are moving to Tennessee because the state is economically stable and much more affordable than many states in the northeast. It is also a great place for retirees.

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A: The state of Tennessee has a lower cost of living than California, and the weather is more pleasant.

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